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Resident Testimonials


Don’t take our word. Here are what tenants have to say:


“I was looking for a place in 2014 and met with Jenny S. from Empire West when they were advertising a small studio apartment in North Hollywood. She was my primary contact from the company and this review is based mostly on my interactions with her. Jenny was easy to talk to, addressed any concerns I had, and my 3 year stay at the apartment complex went just as expected. Thank you Jenny for all your help, for approving me back in 2014, and letting me rent out the apartment!”
-Justin H. Cruse
“I lived in an Empire West property for 8 years and it was nothing but perfect…so perfect that..when my husband and I moved out and bought property of our own we called on E.W. to help us out with the management. They are honest and fair to both the renter and the owners. I have been on both sides and I’m glad to have such a knowledgeable group on my team 🙂 The people here who are complaining are upset because they don’t like that Alisa, Jenny and Olivia know Cali/LA renters laws and they adhere to them. So…I guess if you are more “hippy dippy” and would like a more free form management style this is not the spot for you..but if you want professional go with Empire West!”
-Rachel R. Morris


“We have been renting a home managed by Empire West for about 8 years now. As a tenant we really appreciate the positive attitude we get from everyone there, especially Jenny and Olivia. We can reach them by email or phone for anything we need; it makes life easy. Thanks!
-Michael Marino
“I’ve had a very positive experience with Empire West. Our leasing and move in process was simple and efficient. They’ve responded promptly to my requests for maintenance (and there were quite a few in the beginning because this was a new addition to their properties) and they’re always polite and professional when I deal with them by phone. I wouldn’t hesitate to rent from them again in the future.”
-Shannon D. McManus


“I live in an Empire West managed property. Just yesterday I had a problem with noise. Because of some bad washers in the faucets of a shower above me, it sounded like Amtrak was coming through my bedroom whenever the gentleman in the apartment above took a shower. I mean loud, sleepless loud. I called; Empire West took care of it promptly. An apartment dweller depends on efficient and solicitous property management for his or her Quality of Life (caps intentional). Empire West provides that. I’d mention my property supervisor’s name, but I’m afraid it would embarrass her. Okay, Jenny. She’s just great and shouldn’t be embarrassed–does a great job. As does everyone at Empire West. My thanks.”
-Britt Leach
“I have dealt with Empire West positively for almost 9 years as they represent the owner of the single family house I live in. They are a management company and must answer to property owners. I have never had a problem with staff, accessibility, or work requests. Some people do not seem to understand that management staff is not just there to answer to unreasonable and or rude demands. Bad things happen in rentals all the time and my experiences with Empire West has always left me confident about the repairs or solutions to the problems…in a timely manner and the least amount of inconvenience to me. That is where the value is. MY TIME and MY CONVENIENCE. If that is satisfied, I say job well done Empire West!”
-Alycia Herman


“I have been renting from Empire for 4 years. I have nothing but good to say about Empire and there staff, as well as there service technicians. Jenny Santoyo my specific property manager is the best! They come highly recommended by me!”
-Derrick J. DeRoon
“Empire West has been helping us with our rental for many years and we have nothing but good things to say about them.”
-Tom Nadeau


“I have been renting happily through Empire West for over 2 years now, in a property located in Sherman oaks, me and my wife have found that when a problem with our property comes up they are usually very quick to respond, a blocked A/C unit was flushed out the next day, a tree overshadowing our balcony was cut down as it was blocking the light,we had a problem with Ants an exterminator was sent. We find the staff especially Olivia is always friendly and helpful when I email or ring with a concern. They replaced our dishwasher with a brand new one within the week, toilet flusher in spare bathroom broke a guy came out the next day and fixed it in 10 minutes. All in all we have been satisfied with them as a property management company, unlike some of the other reviewers we had a different experience with EW,Would use them again when we upgrade accommodations.”
-David Bye