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Services & Fees

Empire West Property Management offers the most convenient pricing structure of any company in Los Angeles and The San Fernando Valley.

Full-Service Management:

The perfect choice for anyone who wants to leave everything to the professionals to minimize problems and avoid lawsuits, or anyone that simply wants to spend their time doing what they enjoy doing instead of chasing late rent and fixing toilets in the middle of the night! This is the choice for those of us that want the “all-inclusive” package. For those who want rent deposited into their account each month without dealing with the potential headaches of actually managing a rental and a renter.

Leasing Service:

This is where our company’s rental muscles really begin to flex. How so? This is the first option that includes our heavyweight advertising campaign! You don’t have to worry about sticking flyers on telephone poles or harassing your neighbors for tenant leads. We have a system in place that has been proven over time in good markets and bad.

Now for some GREAT news: we also handle all of your showings. That means you don’t have to run home on your lunch break to let someone see your home. We have a team of agents that can handle them for you.

Cost: An amount equal to half of one month’s rent, which is payable from the proceeds after the resident moves in. (Note: leasing fee does not include the cost of advertising)

We know that if you are reading this packet you are interested in finding the property management company that will consistently put the most money in your bank account, year after year. We do just that by renting properties faster and for higher rent amounts than anyone else. That is the formula for making you the most money possible, each and every time.